International Journals

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International Conference

  • Jo K, Jung I, Moon JH, Kim S. Influence maximization in time bounded network identifies transcription factors regulating perturbed pathways. Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) 2016, Jul 8-12, Orlando, FL.
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Domestic Journal

  • 조겨리, 김선. 네트워크를 이용한 시계열 유전체 분석 기법의 연구 동향. 정보과학회지, Vol.32, No. 10, 2014. 10., pp22-27.

Domestic Conference

  • Korean Society for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology BIOINFO 2015, Oct 23.


  • Naver PhD Fellowship, 2017 Jan 20.
  • Best Paper Award, BIOINFO 2016, 2016 Aug 19.
  • ISMB Travel Fellowship, ISMB 2016, 2016 Jul 12.
  • Best Poster Award, BIOINFO 2015, 2015 Oct 23.