Kyuri Jo (조겨리)

Assistant professor at

BML Lab., Chungbuk National University

Dept. of Computer Engineering,
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Chungbuk National University
Chungdae-ro 1, Seowon-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk, Korea (28644)
Building E8-1, Room 407



Research Interests

Bioinformatics Machine learning Time-series
Pathway analysis Network biology

Kyuri Jo is an assistant professor at Chungbuk National University since September 2019. She received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Bio and Helath Informatics Lab. She has focused on analyzing time-series with machine learning techniques since she joined the lab in 2013. Her first approach to analyze biological pathway (network) with time series gene expression data successfully elucidated different mechanism of drought-resistant rice (Methods, 2014). She expanded her work to consider regulators of the dynamic network and the paper was accepted at the top conference and journal (ISMB 2016; Bioinformatics, 2016) in the fields of Bioinformatics. She has been involved in several biological research projects such as xenotransplantation, obesity and stem cell researches to apply her algorithms for more effective and accurate follow-up studies.

Jo’s honors include Naver Ph.D. fellowship in 2017 for her research performance in the field of computer science and ISMB travel fellowship from ISMB 2016 for her Bioinformatics paper.